The development trend of Bluetooth technology

【Emerging Markets】Smart Home: With its advantages of popularity / wide application, low power consumption, and small size, Bluetooth provides a reliable wireless connection platform for smart homes, a...

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Detailed description of Bluetooth module features

The Internet of Things has been comprehensively developed in the fields of smart homes, electronic products, etc, so the wireless connection technology of short-range communication is more and more useful in emerging products of the Internet of Things. It has become the darling of IOT market and widely used in its scenarios. The following is an analysis of the characteristics of the Bluetooth module for everyone, why it can be applied to so many fields.

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The difference between Bluetooth 5 and the earlier Bluetooth 4.x

Most mobile phones now support Bluetooth 5.0 technology, but we do not know if you have found that this technology has not been specifically introduced by mobile phone manufacturers. Why? That's because Bluetooth 5.0 's main function is not better performance, nor is it tailored for mobile phones. Its appearance is mainly for more and more IoT devices.believe there are still many friends who do n’t know what Bluetooth 5.0 is, and what is the difference from the earlier Bluetooth 4.x.

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Industrial IoT wireless smart gateway, smart home gateway, vehicle smart gateway

"Gateway" is a big concept, not specifically referring to a class of products, as long as the devices connected to two different networks can be called gateways. In layman's terms: walking from room to another room must pass through a door. Similarly, when sending information from one network to another, it must pass through a "gate", which is the gateway. Therefore, a gateway is the "gate" where a network connects to another network.

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Bluetooth E-cigarette solution

Among them, the principle of heating non-burning smoke is a critical state in which tobacco is pretreated and placed in an atomizer and heated to a temperature below 350 ° C to generate smoke but no burn. Due to the use of tobacco, there is a real smoke feeling in terms of experience, which solves the long-term complaints of smokers about the closeness of electronic cigarette flavors and real smoke, and also relatively reduces the harmful components produced by high-temperature combustion of traditional cigarettes.

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Bluetooth technology is really popular in automotive industry

Nowadays, "Bluetooth" is no longer a strange word for us. For mobile phones, computers,various PC devices, we are looking forward to the fact that more and more products are now armed with "Bluetooth" , People have gradually realized the convenience brought by Bluetooth from all aspects of life. For example, smart wear with Bluetooth technology is popular all over the world, such as smart home devices using Bluetooth technology, etc., even in the traditional automotive field. The wind of "Bluetooth" was blowing.

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