Application of Bluetooth technology in modern medical electronic equipment

With the vigorous development of modern medical industry, the emergence of hospital monitoring system and medical consultation system has made outstanding contributions to the development of modern medical industry.

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Application of Bluetooth low energy wireless communication technology

In recent years, wireless technology has developed rapidly, especially in consumer scenarios, and various applications have emerged endlessly.

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"Service First, Technology Following"

Shenzhen Shengrun Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on Bluetooth technology products and IoT embedded solutions. It integrates research and development, generation, sales and after-sales service. With IoT as the core of application, it uses wireless transmission technology and is committed to advocating and promoting Innovative applications of Bluetooth technology in consumer electronics, smart home and other fields.

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CC2640R2F BLE 5 Bluetooth protocol stack — TTCIOTSDK

Everyone should have a simple understanding of the Bluetooth protocol stack, but there must be a feeling of "seeming to understand, not to say, to rest".

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Detailed explanation of the innovative technologies of Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth technology's new generation core specification version "Bluetooth 5" (Bluetooth 5), its main updates include longer transmission distance, faster transmission speed, larger broadcast data transmission volume, and interoperability with other wireless technologies and Improve coexistence.

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Low-power, high-performance Bluetooth module makes sharing bicycles/e-scooter more convenient

At present, the reason why e-bike/e-scooter sharing is so hot is that the customer experience is very good. In a busy city, spending a dollar to ride a bicycle/bike can save time and is very pleasant. A few years ago, we couldn’t even think of unlocking a e-bicycle/e-scooter with a mobile phone that turned on Bluetooth.

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