Smart Lock, Bluetooth Low Energy Solution

With the rapid development of smart homes in recent years, the market for smart locks has sprung up,at this time we are concerned about the biggest pain points of smart locks in addition to the convenience brought by Internet +:

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Six requirements of smart home on BLE Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth as an important supporting technology for smart homes, has become a wireless communication technology enthusiastic for the Internet of Things due to its globally unified standards and low power consumption, low cost, and high security.

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Amazing and Brilliant, AI technology shined

The progress and development of science and technology is always exciting, especially artificial intelligence (AI), which is leading the next generation of technological revolution.

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Comprehensive understanding of the basics and applications of Bluetooth Mesh technology

The new Mesh technology can support many-to-many transmission of devices, allows all devices compatible with the standard to talk to each other at a certain distance at the same time, and also improves the communication efficiency of building a wide range of network coverage

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New ocean of IOT contains unlimited business opportunities, Bluetooth 5.0

With the advent of the era of smart cities, artificial intelligence, and big data, wireless communication will realize the connection of all things. In the future, the global IOT will be an era of trillion-level connections. Most of the existing wireless connections are carried by short-range communication technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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Features of upgrading BLE Bluetooth

The emergence of Bluetooth low energy has improved the shortcomings of classic Bluetooth, becoming a standard configuration for high-end smart phones, and making up for the gap of classic Bluetooth in smart homes, extending the application to a huge range. BLE Bluetooth + Smart Home makes our lives smarter.

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