Shengrun Technology obtained IATF16949:2016 certification

IATF is International Automotive Task Force, and its main purpose is to develop quality management standards for the automotive industry. The first edition of TS16949 was released in 1999. The second ...

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Focuses on Bluetooth module, high-quality solutions

Taking the express train of the Internet of Things, the Bluetooth module began to take off. By embedding a Bluetooth module, traditional home appliance door locks, instruments, lamps and other equipment can be intelligent.

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BLE Bluetooth emerging markets

The rapid development of the Internet of Things market has made various wireless technologies more widely used. Among them, various applications based on Bluetooth technology will be widely distributed in various industries. With the release of the Bluetooth 5 standard and the strong introduction of the Bluetooth Mesh network function, the continuous improvement of Bluetooth specifications and technologies has made Bluetooth's position in the Internet of Things market more prominent. This article will elaborate on the emerging markets and common application scenarios of BLE.

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Where will Bluetooth technology develop?

Bluetooth, as the most common transmission protocol, was first widely popularized through mobile phones. Today, when the big wave of intelligent hardware in the Internet of Things (IoT) is coming, Bluetooth shows its advantages because of its low power consumption, and it has become one of the basic protocols for connection in the era of the Internet of Things.

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Shengrun Technology's BLE remote networking solution

BLE remote networking solution, includes a gateway (Bluetooth+3G/4G, Bluetooth+WIFI)+multiple Bluetooth device networking, which can be controlled via smart phone/flat panel terminal Internet or Bluetooth. Using the latest BLE4.2 technology, the number of network devices can be up to 64 (specifically determined according to the function of network control required)

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Complete IoT platform architecture design

The Internet of Things platform should be constructed based on the current Internet and communication technology, without relying on specific hardware modules. Users can access the Internet of Things based on their own device technology architecture

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