Bluetooth technology is really popular in automotive industry

Nowadays, "Bluetooth" is no longer a strange word for us. For mobile phones, computers,various PC devices, we are looking forward to the fact that more and more products are now armed with "Bluetooth" , People have gradually realized the convenience brought by Bluetooth from all aspects of life. For example, smart wear with Bluetooth technology is popular all over the world, such as smart home devices using Bluetooth technology, etc., even in the traditional automotive field. The wind of "Bluetooth" was blowing.

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Comparison of three mainstream wireless communication protocols in smart home systems

For smart products to communicate or interact with each other, communication protocols are required. Currently, wireless communication protocols are used in smart home systems. This article will also compare to use Bluetooth, WiFi, and ZigBee three mainstream wireless communication protocols.

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The function of BLE Bluetooth

The role of BLE Bluetooth mainly includes: master, slave, master-slave integration, one master to multiple slaves, etc. This article will also introduce the main role functions of BLE Bluetooth in detail for everyone.

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The role, characteristics and functions of the intelligent gateway

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, the smart home industry is also in full swing, and the smart gateway is the most important link in the entire smart home architecture. The intelligent gateway connects the home intranet and home extranet to ensure communication between the intranet and extranet, thereby enabling remote control and viewing of home information.

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BLE Bluetooth module for IOT data transmission

As everyone knows, in the age of things, wireless connection has become a basic requirement. In this era, more and more objects will be connected to the Internet, and eventually achieve a connection to the host / cloud.

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TPMS industry chain analysis: the competition in the midstream module chain is the most intense

The TPMS industry chain is divided into upstream component links, midstream module links, downstream OEMs and aftersales links.

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