TPMS industry chain analysis: the competition in the midstream module chain is the most intense

The TPMS industry chain is divided into upstream component links, midstream module links, downstream OEMs and aftersales links.

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New Energy Vehicle Bluetooth Sensorless Keyless Entry (PEPS) System-Unlocked when you approach without opening the phone

The keyless entry and activation (PEPS) system is a vehicle electronics technology developed in recent years. Vehicle owners who install PEPS systems only need to take it with them, and they can unlock, lock, open the trunk and start the vehicle without taking out the key , Automatically turn on the headlights and other operations to facilitate the owner of the vehicle.

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Classification and difference of TPMS tire pressure monitoring system

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which is an auxiliary system installed on car tires to monitor tire pressure in real time. The tire pressure monitoring system, airbags, and ABS systems constitute three major safety systems for automobiles.

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Communication protocols for the Internet of Things

Communication is very common and critical for the Internet of Things. Whether it is short-range wireless transmission technology or mobile communication technology, it affects the development of the Internet of Things. In communication, the communication protocol is particularly important. It is the rules and conventions that both entities must follow to complete the communication or service.

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Safe and energy saving detailed explanation of Shengrun Bluetooth tire pressure detection scheme

The Bluetooth tire pressure detector designed by Shengrun Technology is a automotive safety product. It is mainly used to monitor the tire pressure in real time during the driving of the vehicle, alert the abnormal situation, prevent unexpected situations such as air leaks and punctured tires, and reduce the occurrence. Fuel consumption caused by insufficient tire pressure extends the life of the tire.

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Highlights of CITE 2019 China Electronic Information Expo

In the context of the rapid development of China's electronic information industry, China's most authoritative electronics industry exhibition, China Electronic Information Expo (CITE), was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on April, 2019.

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