Detailed explanation of the innovative technologies of Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth technology's new generation core specification version "Bluetooth 5" (Bluetooth 5), its main updates include longer transmission distance, faster transmission speed, larger broadcast data transmission volume, and interoperability with other wireless technologies and Improve coexistence.

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Low-power, high-performance Bluetooth module makes sharing bicycles/e-scooter more convenient

At present, the reason why e-bike/e-scooter sharing is so hot is that the customer experience is very good. In a busy city, spending a dollar to ride a bicycle/bike can save time and is very pleasant. A few years ago, we couldn’t even think of unlocking a e-bicycle/e-scooter with a mobile phone that turned on Bluetooth.

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Several factors affecting the power consumption of Bluetooth BLE devices

First of all, need to understand several states of the Bluetooth BLE device: one of the slave is in standby, broadcast, and connection state, and the master is in standby, scanning, or connection state. The connection interval is a parameter for the connection state. If two devices are not connected, this parameter will not affect the power consumption in this state.

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Application of BLE Bluetooth module in health care area

Currently, mainstream Internet of Things solutions are inseparable from stable and mature wireless connection technologies. WiFi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee are widely used in solutions in different scenarios according to different technical principles and characteristics. As a professional wireless module R & D manufacturer, Shengrun Technology will talk about the application of BLE Bluetooth module in health care area.

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Bluetooth is far more powerful than you think

Bluetooth is a very basic data transmission tool that can achieve wireless transmission between Bluetooth devices. However, with the advent of smart phones, many people think that the Bluetooth function of mobile phones is very poor. In fact, Bluetooth has many powerful functions.

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IOT becoming more and more obvious,Bluetooth helps everything to become a reality

The era is driving the development of science and technology. The Internet of Things has been considered the "next industrial revolution" because it has more or less impact on all aspects of our lives

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