Features of upgrading BLE Bluetooth

The emergence of Bluetooth low energy has improved the shortcomings of classic Bluetooth, becoming a standard configuration for high-end smart phones, and making up for the gap of classic Bluetooth in smart homes, extending the application to a huge range. BLE Bluetooth + Smart Home makes our lives smarter.

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Implementation and definition of Bluetooth low energy

Providing customers with the most valuable and competitive Bluetooth BLE SDK development tools and Supporting technical Bluetooth solutions and Bluetooth BLE module products, Providing more conventient Bluetooth BLE module solution.

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The importance and certification process of Bluetooth BQB certification

Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication technology that guarantees reliable reception and information security in close range. It is an open technical specification that enables short-range wireless voice and data communications anywhere in the world. It uses advanced technologies such as Frequency Modulation Spread Spectrum (FHSS), Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA).

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Bluetooth module, detailed comparison from types, positioning, function

In the IOT industry, Bluetooth may be the best choice for wireless communication applications. The reason is based on Bluetooth technology, it has a wide audience and has low power consumption, intelligence, and low cost. . The Bluetooth module is a PCBA board with integrated Bluetooth function, which is generally composed of a PCB board, a chip, and peripheral components, and is used to replace the data cable for short-range wireless communication.

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FQA on Bluetooth serial port for Bluetooth module

Nowadays,it is an era of endless new technologies. With the support of Bluetooth technology in the electronics field, especially traditional electronic products, many traditional electronic products have a second development and transformed into smart products. When all products add Bluetooth module, must process Bluetooth serial port.

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The history of Bluetooth and Bluetooth Mesh technology

Bluetooth technology as a general communication technology, the main function is to replace the transmission of data cables for portable devices and their applications. This article introduces the continuous innovation and progress of Bluetooth wireless technology.

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