Introduce the composition of Bluetooth system and application in automotive field

Bluetooth technology is a short-distance communication technology, widely used in our life. In addition to the early Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, etc., Bluetooth technology is now commonplace in the IOT. Not only about that, Bluetooth technology is also really common in the field of automotive networking.

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Overview Bluetooth 4.2 HY-40R204I Module

The HY-40R204I is a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 4.2 module from Shengrun Technology, which uses a high-performance TI CC2640R2F chip. It can be powered directly using a standard 3V coin cell battery or a pair of AAA batteries. In the lowest power shutdown mode, it consumes only 0.15uA and wakes up in a few microseconds.

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Bluetooth 4.2, improving the privacy level, supports smart device networking.

With the rise of the IOT, and development of smart devices, everyone is becoming more aware of wireless communication technologies. Bluetooth and WiFi are well known among many wireless technologies,As a safe, intelligent and fast wireless technology, Bluetooth is naturally more important.

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Bluetooth module supporting secondary development

At present, many Bluetooth modules on the market still cannot support users for secondary development. Even if they are supported, users need to learn the relevant knowledge of MCU and Bluetooth protocol, so they must spend a lot of time to get familiar with them, and finally lead to half the effort.

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BLE Bluetooth-based smart wearable connection solution

With the rapid development of technology, various smart devices are emerging difference. Smart wearable devices and smart home devices centered on smartphones often use wireless connection technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi. In particular, Bluetooth provides a stable and low-energy data transmission service for devices.

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Shengrun's corporate philosophy

Shenzhen Shengrun Technology Co., Ltd. (TTCIOTSDK) specializes in providing more convenient Bluetooth access for the IOT.

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